Institutional documents

The Scientific and Cultural Program (PSC) for the Museum and Memorial of Terrorism was submitted to the French president on the French National Day for Victims of Terrorism, on March 11, 2022. View the ceremony here.

The Scientific and Cultural Program reviews the genesis of the Museum and Memorial initiative, provides historical background, recounts the memorial aspect of the project and its national and international scope, outlines the main guiding principles behind the Museum and Memorial, and goes over the visitor policy, collections, permanent exhibition, location, and building.

It can be downloaded below.




Scientific and Cultural Program of the Museum and Memorial of Terrorism - english version

Scientific and Cultural Project - english summary.pdf






Download the leaflet !

Presentation leaflet - english version

Plaquette institutionnelle - version française



couv-Musée-mémorial du terrorisme Rapport de préfiguration




2020, Rapport de la mission de préfiguration (version française)

2020, Report of the preparatory assignment (english version)







2019, Rapport du comité mémoriel