"Il fait novembre en mon âme", Orchestre de chambre de Paris, 13 novembre 2020

Cultural Programming

Conversation and Reflection

In addition to its permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Museum and Memorial of Terrorism strives to be a space for conversation and reflection on a broad array of questions: terrorism of course, as well as resilience and individual/collective resistance, the emergence of a new space for victims and care for victims by the state and society, questions related to individual and collective memory in all its forms (social, cultural, political, neurological, literary, artistic, etc.). The Museum and Memorial of Terrorism will be able to host meetings/conversations, projections of documentaries and fiction films, concerts, and theatrical and live performances as soon as it opens, thanks to its seminar rooms, meeting spaces, and auditorium.


Il fait novembre en mon âme [It is November in My Soul]

Bechara El Khoury

Five years after the attacks of November 13, 2015, a poem in symphony was commissioned by the parents of Stéphane (a victim at the Bataclan) and performed by the Paris Chamber Orchestra. This piece was composed by the French-Lebanese poet and composer Bechara El Khoury, as part of the New Commissions program by the Fondation de France. It is a tribute to all the victims of terrorism in the world. Learn more

Music is a universal language; it helps us express what is difficult to put into words.” Louise Albertini.


© Julien Thomast

Programming As Of Now

The public will not have to wait until 2027. The Museum and Memorial of Terrorism will reach out to the public throughout the development stage. It will do so via different initiatives: external exhibitions, lectures, and seminars in partnership with cultural institutions, etc.

Some examples of topics that can be covered: anarchist terrorism in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; forms of terrorism and nationalism at the turn of the twentieth century; war and terrorism since 1945; what do we mean by state terrorism?; the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; the Algerian War; the Years of Lead in Italy; Violence and terrorism in Latin America; Resilience: traits, debates, criticism, national differences; etc.

Museum Boxes

Before it opens, the Museum and Memorial of Terrorism will exist thanks to immersive traveling exhibitions, or museum boxes, designed and created by the RMN-GP. Museum boxes will introduce the public to the future institution through local outreach across France. They will also be an opportunity to test museum experiences and invite the public to participate in the creation of the Museum and Memorial of Terrorism. Finally, these traveling exhibitions—which will appear in different exhibit spaces and will target different populations—will be a reflection of the institution’s desire to share resources and expertise with towns that have been the target of attacks. After the inauguration date, a program of traveling exhibitions will be developed in cooperation with cultural venues.

The Virtual Museum and Memorial

Digital experiences will be designed to entice people to visit the institution, enhance visitor experiences, and extend the experience after a visit. Digital experiences and tools are a vital, cross-disciplinary component of the Museum and Memorial of Terrorism, providing virtual content, a way of interacting with internet users, and a means of sharing resources.

The digital strategy includes:

  • a website whose aim is to provide a platform for custom communications that reflect current events. It is also a space for visitor outreach. The website will evolve to become a virtual museum,
  • producing virtual visits and online content for podcasts,
  • virtual event programming,
  • online resources for education and training,
  • digitization of collections,
  • online collection drives to enhance collections and involve the public in documenting items,
  • and, once the physical museum is open, tactile interfaces in the permanent exhibition that will enhance content and that can update exhibit text and presentation signage.