Research and Documentation

The Museum and Memorial of Terrorism is a museum of history and society in line with the latest findings in the human and social sciences on terrorism and its effects, as well as on the question of museums and memorials on conflicts and extreme violence, and other disciplines like research in neuroscience on trauma. As such, it seeks to be a vital actor in research on these matters.

First Seminars

The Museum and Memorial of Terrorism has collaborated to create two research seminars: Terrorisme, anti-terrorisme et sciences sociales [terrorism, counterterrorism, and the social sciences], in partnership with the Université Paris Lumières (coordinated by Gérôme Truc and Vanessa Codaccioni), and Les musées-mémoriaux, ou la patrimonialisation de la mémoire vive [museum and memorial complexes, or living memory as heritage], in partnership with the École du Louvre, the Institut National du Patrimoine [national heritage institute], and the University of Quebec in Montreal.

It will therefore provide support for innovative research across all disciplines, in line with its collections and programming. Initially, this support will take the form of grants for master’s, doctorate, and post-doctorate students, and of a contest for collaborative projects, in partnership with different universities and research centers, in France and abroad. The Museum and Memorial of Terrorism will also host researchers in residence to work on pieces within its collections. Research projects from all disciplines and covering all topics will be considered, including on the causes and effects of political violence, victims, memory, radicalization, trauma, and so forth.

Attentat du drugstore Publicis, 1974 © STF / AFP Archives

The Museum and Memorial of Terrorism will award a research prize for a thesis and/or dissertation that makes a significant contribution to understanding the phenomenon of terrorism and its effects, on direct victims or societies in general, over the long or short terms. The prize will also include a publication proposal by the Museum and Memorial of Terrorism, in connection with a partner publisher.

High school, undergraduate, and graduate students, as well as researchers working on questions of terrorism will be able to use the Museum and Memorial of Terrorism’s forthcoming documentation and learning center, which will also be open to secondary school educators for course planning. They will also have special access to a theme-based library of hard-to-find titles in France on questions of terrorism, as well as a media library including documentaries, films, comics, and other cultural output related to attacks. They will also be able to explore the INA’s audiovisual and digital collections on terrorist events directly from the center, thanks to dedicated computer stations. And they will be able to consult archive documents included in the Museum and Memorial of Terrorism’s collections.


Online Documentation



Un mois après les attentats, Strasbourg archive les hommages, janvier 2019, AFP vidéos © Ina