The Museum and Memorial of Terrorism is unique in the world because it covers the history and memory of terrorism over more than fifty years. Moreover, unlike other similar institutions, it does not limit itself to a single attack or single type of terrorism.

In a single stroke, our aim is to create a memorial for victims and a museum of history and society that allows us to understand this phenomenon, which is now embedded in modern life, but which remains poorly understood.

The mission is to give meaning to victims’ suffering by providing keys to understanding a history that is still being written. The institution will include spaces for testimonies, reflection, and learning. And it will be geared toward a broad public.

This preliminary stage has invited us to respond to a wide range of questions and topics, all of which require clear thinking, scientific rigor, a multi-disciplinary mindset, and a spirit of dialogue and sharing with our partners and the visiting public.

The Museum and Memorial of Terrorism seeks to be a place for life and hope, a powerful and dynamic tool to build social awareness and delegitimize violence through knowledge, and a cultural space for shared resilience and resistance.

It will open its doors in 2027.


Une minute de silence à Saint-Etienne du Rouvray le 26 juillet 2020 © AFP / Sameer Al-Doumy