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Exhibition of drawings by Noëlle Herrenschmidt

The first episode of the virtual exhibition "Trial Drawings" is online.

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This short exhibition in five episodes has for theme, the trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015, seen by Noëlle Herrenschmidt. Indeed, MMT, which acquired the 293 drawings of this trial, last month, has chosen to present you some of them during a short exhibition that will run from April to August. We are waiting for you every month, on our website. 4 drawings will be presented to you. See you on Tuesday.


    April 18 : general presentation

    May 9: victims and defendants

    June 13: women and men of law

    July 11: testimonies

    August 8: Behind the scenes.


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MMT acquires Noëlle Herrenschmidt's drawings
The Museum and Memorial of Terrorism officially acquired, in March 2023, the 293 drawings made by Noëlle Herrenschmidt, during the trial of the November 2015 attacks. The watercolor reporter handed over to Elisabeth Pelsez, executive director of the Memorial Museum of Terrorism, the drawings that are now part of the museum's collections and will be available for display in the museum.